Nice Movie!

Recently I watched the DVD,"Ray". Which is the life story and career of the legendary popular music pianist "Ray Charles".
who was blind from 9-year-old....

His extraordinaly life and thought was impressive! I love his music.
I can't to wait to have his CD.


my new item

Long time no see! This is my new item,iPod (2G).
So small and cute isn't it? which costs 20800yen.

I don't have enough time to study English these days ,
so I start studying it using the iPod.
I found some free Podcasting site,so I can easily get some English lessons.

What's your new item? What do you want now?
My aim next time is Software of 'Photoshop CS', which is very expensive , so
I can't get it.
I always use this at work, but I want to know more.
Am I a little ambitious?


fun Tokyo

We've just come back here Kyoto from Tokyo.
We visited my Friend who had moved to her hometown,Tokyo and enjoyed Sanrio-puroland & Disney Sea with my friend's family.

It took almost 3 hours from Hachiooji-city where my friend lives in and to Disney Resort.

And Most surprise thing is that we went to Tokyo by bus ,both ways.
From Kyoto it took 7 hours including 3times short rest. This is best way to travel for me because I can enjoy from early in the morning.
I cant waste time!



On this holiday I met my old precious friends at my friend's place.
10 years passed quickly & Nothing has changed between us.
I really think that the friends make me happy.

Anyway I had a wonderful time with them drinking ,eating,talking and talking...
I was so fun and felt happy,so today I cook some Japanese food after a long abandanment of housework.
Good for me!!


How pity monkeys are.

This picture is japanese monkeys in the zoo of Kyoto.
And this letter says "saru-jie".
"Saru" means Monkeys in Japanese.

When we think that an idea is shallow and silly,we say it's like a "saru-jie" ,an thought like an monkey.
How pity japanese monkeys are! But I love you.


HIppo in a zoo

Is 'Hippo' really a byword for dulness?
I'm so sorry about that.You are not so bad,just lovable creature.love you!



I like old sayings and witty remarks.They are short but to the point.
They give me a chance to stop going and reconsider the situation around me.
Thay make people be quiet,don't they?

Every country has thier own old sayings.
It's a wonder and interesting that there're similar saying all over the world.
People in the world may be worrying,thinking and suffering more or less the same thing.


Please,please help him.

This statue is at Battery Park in New York.

It's near 'Statue of Liberty'. Liberty must be important message in US.

I love liberty too. Maybe you do.

The way of showing the libety may be up to you.

But I wanted to shout to the two guys with birds on their heads.

Don't call for others help, please please help the one pulling.

Is he one of your friends,right?

Big holidays are right at the corner!

We have 'Golden week' which is a succession of holidays from April 29th to May 7th.
During that time, hotels and tours in Japan are full up and expensive.I can understand this.

But what I can't make is that traveling abroad also costs almost twice.
Why can I have to pay so much, though another countries don't have this same 'Golden week'.We just pay for travel company's large profit.

If you plan to come to Japan during the Golden week,it would be so expensive.So please change that plan.

Unfortunately I can't go out of Japan because of our finances.
So I'll spend much time at home reading,blogging,watching DVD,playing with my kid...& so on.I can't wait!


Oh My God! Is it the One?

I wonder if my habit makes someone else annoying ...Everybody has habits in one's way of eating , talking...
But when kids have no manner and behave naughty, we adults can point out about it to them. Yeah it's easy.

Yesterday one of my English teacher in Kobe jiggled her knee while we are talking.
Should I have said that "hey, stop jiggling your knee"?
Can you? Of course I can't.

Jiggling one's knee or fidgeting is a sigh of one's nervous psychology.
So was my English annoying her?



How much are you paying for your cell phone?
It costs about 10000yen(about US $84)a month for my husband's and mine. Expensive isn't it?

I've been with my cell phone for 10 years long.
But Just imagine your life without cell-phone.
I think it's a kind of release and freedom from relationships.
Once I recieve a mail to my cell phone,I will have something on my chest untill I send back one to her.
Even when I am busy ,sleepy or tired, I think that I Must Answer. But I hate that!I hate that!

Actually when I was in New York ,I really really felt free because of not only being in free country but also not having cell phone.
Nobody called me. Nobody mailed me. Nobody waited for me.
Sometimes I need to be alone and quiet. It may be easy,Just Let's give up an cell for a while.

But maybe after the rest, I will be obbsessive again.
Because my family,relatives and friends always worry about me and make me happy.
So my Obsession about 'Must-Answer' will keep going.


digital life works?

Do you know young people who don't have PC in their place?
It's rare these days,isn't it?

Actually one of my sister's family hadn't until last week.
And finally they got new NEC pc and grab a digital life.How's their life gonna change?

Anyway what does the internet mean to you?Is it a way to get other's opinion and know others?
Through the internet have you ever discovered that the world is small?
Is it strange that when you get enough information you're interested in, you would be like knowing as if you had an experience about that?
What if the informant is lying?

But now digital life is must for me.
It helps us almost everything in life.But it's more important to talk to someone next to you and know his/her idea in person with eye contact.

We could laugh with someone else when something funny happened ,but every pc never laugh with you.Laugh and grow fat!



Yesterday, we went see the class of 'Kumon' near our house.
Kids whose ages were from 4 to around 12 in the class were doing their own worksheet with concentration.
Kids like my daughter were writing Kanji and culcurateing hard.
I was surprised at the atomosphere of the classroom.

And of course, my kid participated the work which was math,Japanese and English!
She enjoyed a lot and didn't wanna go back home.
She's gonna join the class this month twice a week for free.And after the free lessons, she'll join it as an official member.

Know more...


Kanji means to us

Has spring come in your country?
In Japan spring is like coming and going.

These days my daughter has started practicing bike without...
what is that? a kind of helper wheels.
And finally She did it!Good for her.
I am happy to see her growth.

Meanwhile she is now interested in writing Kanji.
She sometimes writes down some easy kanji like mountain,eyes,river...
So before she gets into the wrong order,we should teach the right one.
Each Kanji has its own writing order...Who decided that? I wondered.

When you name your baby,what's the point? ...sounds? ancestor?
Most of us take time to choose suitable kanji which almost determine its fate.
So Kanjis kids learn first may be their own name.
Yes, Kanji means to us.

Know more...


NY Diary Page has been UP today!

I've just opened my Site that's about NY tour.
I'll never forget everything in NY.
NY gave me something and told me a lot.
NY said to me that To live is To have fun.

Please visit here if your PC knows Japanese.


Escape or Find yourself?

Why,Why do people travel?What's the important thing about it?

Some would say that it's just for escaping from themselves,boring job or nasty boss.
And visiting historical church ,seeing beautiful constructions and statue attract people.
Of course,Shopping for valuables, eating specialities and sports would help you feel refreshed.Yes,That's the big reasons.

But others have different ideas.
When you are in other countries for a while,you can feel their culture from the way of their laughting,talking to friends,answering your small questions,surving you local food which you're not used to.Everything is different from your country.
I just want to feel their atmosphere by being there without any sightseeing.
Yes,Travel will help you know their behavior,ideas, interests and even priorities.

While I was in NYC ,many things struck me.When a big woman hit my mom in the crosswalk, she shouted "Don't touch" to my mom.
When my kid chased some pigeons in Union Square park, a man reading a book got angry to her because of his book. What a individualism!!
And we saw homosexual couple walking down the street happiely with their hands held together.
Totally American is different from us japanese.

Now I'd like to visit other countries and know other people.
I'd keep traveling as much as possible forever.

Know others,and Find yours.
I guess Others give you small message.